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MLK Sanford Steering Committee


The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration Steering Committee, Inc. is proud to present the 36th Annual celebration and memorial observance.   Each year we honor Dr. King by making sure we are doing our part to keep the dream alive.  We believe keeping the dream alive begins with the person you see in the mirror…challenge that person to take moral inventory of themselves to ensure that they are thinking about what’s best for mankind.  This self reflection should compel the individual to go into their communities,  workplaces, and worship centers to ask questions and create meaningful dialog with those around them.  Conversations such as these allow us to be open and honest about our differences, help us to better understand each other and ultimately allow us to know that we have more in common than the differences which divide us.

The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration Steering Committee was established in 1987 by  Mayor Bettye D. Smith and  Sanford City Commissioners, Herbert Eckstein,  A. A. McClanahan, Joy Y. Mercer, and Robert B. Thomas, Jr.   The first Chairperson was Dr. Lurlene M. Sweeting.  Today many of you may know, seen, or met our current Chairman Melvin Philpot and Co-Chairman Kenneth Bentley, two individuals who are public figures in our communities.

We invite you to help us keep the dream alive through four days of celebration, reflection, service and fun.  This years theme is “Women of the Movement, Hidden Gems of Sanford." This year we will highlight, focus, and honor the women in our communities who support this dream.  

Thank you to everyone for participating in our MLK events.  We care about the experience of all of you.  Our commitment to putting together the most inspirational and fun events possible and to motivate the entire community toward a better world and stay true to brotherly/sisterly love.

If you have any questions or interested in becoming a member or volunteer, click the button below or email us at

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